HR technology and how integrations are essential

Competition within recruitment continues to grow, with workers demanding more from their jobs than ever before. Technology is now firmly infused into the fabric of our daily lives and the use of technology within the hiring process is not simply useful, it is expected.

HR departments need keep up with advancements within hiring technology or risk falling behind the competition. Not only does better use of technology improve the workflow of HR departments, it has the capacity to strengthen candidate experience, which is key to accessing the top-level talent.

Remote working is a growing trend, particularly with younger generations who have a more fluid approach to their careers. This drift has led to an increased use of remote recruiting, which allows candidates to apply and interview from anywhere in the world, widening the talent pool and giving the best candidates a richer first experience of potential employers.

Messenger apps have been part of office culture since the birth of the internet and now internal messaging apps are a common feature of work life. The latest messenger apps and chat bots are frequently used for interviews, with chat bots weeding out unsuitable candidates before time and money has been spent getting further into the application process. Messenger apps and remote meeting software can be used for the face to face interactions which are required at shortlist stage.

Gone are the days of analogue candidate appraisal and on-boarding, and with greater technology comes a vast amount of useful digital data. Analytical software can read this data and create powerful insights which can be used to facilitate a successful recruitment process. Analytics are also used to track candidate data, as well as cross reference personality and performance tests against current employees to help build a cohesive team. This data enables effective recruitment processes in the future, by indicating the most and least successful elements of the recruitment campaign.

Using AI at the pre-screening stage means that reviewing CV’s, collecting responses and carrying out psychometric assessments can be undertaken in moments, putting an end to painfully long waits for candidates and expensive lead times for employers.

In order to get the most value from your HR technology, integration is key. By using a variety of HR technologies to suit your industry and hiring needs, you can improve your hiring processes and harvest rich insights, while providing a superior candidate experience. With the growing use of technology being found across all areas of our lives, your recruitment methods must be able to flex with the changing needs of your business and your candidates, to attract the highest value candidates to your position. The absence of technology is more conspicuous than its existence.

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