Lying on your CV and how easily background checks can find them

While it might be tempting to lie on your CV to get the job of your dreams, you should think twice because resume fraud can be uncovered easily with a few pre-employment background checks.

With most companies now undertaking pre-employment screening as a matter of procedure, lying about education, work history or skills can have serious consequences to not only this employment, but also future work prospects. Many companies employ pre-employment screening specialists who have access to powerful techniques which uncover any untruths quickly and efficiently.

References are one of the areas where candidates often lie, but all past employers will be asked to confirm or deny any dates which candidates claim they were employed. While lying to cover up gaps in employment might seem like a good idea, background screening companies are very adept at rooting out discrepancies in employment, and any holes in dates can be quickly identified, confirmed and investigated. References will also identify whether a candidate has inflated previous job roles and responsibilities, and fake references are easily spotted.

In most instances, employers are very cautious of ensuring that candidates have the required skills, because a poor hire can have a huge financial and reputational impact on business. Any lack of skills will be quickly discovered. In addition, pre-employment skills tests are a fast way to discern whether someone has the required skills to carry out a position.

Pre-employment screening will involve checking your educational background. Educational establishments will be contacted to confirm that candidates are in receipt of any declared qualifications, and any grades which are relevant to the position. Professional certifications and accreditation leave a digital and paper trail which pre-employment screening companies are highly skilled at determining.

Many job roles require a DBS criminal records check, but even employers who are not recruiting for positions affected by criminal history are entitled to run a basic DBS check, which will uncover any unspent criminal convictions or cautions.

Lying on your CV can have grave consequences, candidates can be prosecuted for fraud, which will likely result in a fine or even a prison sentence. In addition, having a criminal conviction could impact your future work prospects.

Employers must ensure that candidates are being honest with them to protect the business from a bad hire, which can have a serious impact on the business. For instance, hiring someone without the right to work in the UK carries a £20,000 fine per worker.

Specialist background screening companies are highly skilled in investigating the integrity of CV’s, and with techniques becoming more advanced than ever before, honesty really is the best policy.

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