Screening technology - A wolf in sheep's clothing

Screening technology is constantly changing, and screening providers must be willing to move with the times to keep up with the changing needs of individual companies and sectors. Reputable screening companies will keep their fingers of the pulse of new technology, ensuring that the technology they use is innovative and adaptive, but some companies are guilty of attempting to pass off old-fashioned methods and software as the latest thing. Ensure that you fully understand the features of the latest screening technology, so you can discern whether your screening company is giving you the most advanced service.

Candidate screening must not be considered a static process. Not only do the latest iterations of screening software allow for changes in candidate data, it also provides opportunities for screening companies to change their screening process according to industry, sector, job title and changing legislation.

Candidate data changes and grows regularly, sometimes even during the screening process, meaning that flexible software is needed to ensure that the screening process does not stall every time new pieces of information come to light. The latest screening technology allows screening providers to pause the clock on screening and insert the latest data, without having to restart the entire process. This allows for a much faster turnaround time, creating less inconvenience and frustration for both candidate and employer.

Many outmoded screening technologies are hard coded. This means that making custom changes are next to impossible. Pre-employment background screening must be adaptable according to the job title or industry of the position, any countries the candidate has been resident in and their immigration status.

Other features to look for in screening providers concern ease of use and accessibility. The latest screening technology will have a robust ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which can be integrated with background checking platforms, making consolidation of information more efficient. Mobile tools are also important, allowing candidates to share relevant information in a more timely and effective manner.

No two companies are the same, no two candidates are the same and legislation is constantly changing. Therefore, a one size fits all attitude is simply not acceptable when it comes to pre-employment screening, screening methods must reflect the diversity within company, location and candidate needs. An experienced screening provider will be able to provide the most current screening methods, ensuring that your pre-employment screening reflects the growing scope of today’s recruitment landscape.

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