The 4th Industrial Revolution and what it means for recruitment

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or Industry 4.0) comprises the coming together of people and machines, with a connectivity between technology, society and humans. 4IR has seen massive changes in the way we use technology in our daily lives, and it is growing at an exponential rate compared to the progression of the previous three industrial revolutions.

4IR is disrupting every sector and every industry, but what does it mean for recruitment and talent management?

There is no denying that the growth in AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, IoT (Internet of Things) and many other technological advances is changing the way we make use of human labour. Machines can work for longer, with no pay requirements, no risk to their personal safety, and without discrimination. As our society and our way of life changes, technology is constantly coming up with ways to answer our growing needs and demands.

Technology has made certain working roles obsolete (in manufacturing or data processing for example), and many roles now involve humans working in conjunction with technology. The frequent breakthroughs in technology and its availability in response to our changing needs are constantly moving the goal posts. This means that employers need to ensure that they recruit only the very best talent to help them navigate the fast-evolving opportunities within business and technology.

According to a recent survey from job board CV Library, adaptability and resilience are among the key skills employers now look for in candidates, as well as innovation and creativity. Demonstration of these and the other soft skills are fast replacing traditional education as indications of a potentially good hire due to their ability to withstand change. Some of the latest innovations in recruitment technology provide opportunities for recruiters to discover candidates who demonstrate these capabilities.

Within recruitment it is essential that employers make use of the capabilities of 4IR within their recruitment methods, from attracting through to retaining talent. The very best candidates are looking to future proof their careers and demonstrating the use and innovation of the latest technology throughout the recruitment process and beyond shows that your company will not only survive but thrive during the 4IR.  

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