The benefits of employing candidates with international experience

A study from the National Institute for Economic and Social Research found that recruiting overseas staff can make businesses more productive. Hiring international candidates or those with international experience can also provide several additional benefits.

Specific Skills

The UK has skills shortages in many areas of the labour market, particularly in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field, and healthcare and hospitality. Employing candidates from overseas, or who have had the benefit of international education or experience, can fill gaps in your workforce and bring across skills that you are struggling to find in UK based candidates.

Global Marketplace

In the current political landscape, businesses are increasingly encouraged to consider their business as part of the global market, and are frequently required to deal with customers, clients and investors from a range of diverse cultures. Those who have spent time overseas often have the benefit of being able to speak different languages. Bilingual staff increase your capacity as a business to deal with non-English speaking associates. International candidates will also be better placed to navigate cultural expectations and norms which are crucial to a range of areas within business.

A Different Perspective

Being eager to move abroad for a job demonstrates not only determination and motivation, traits which are valuable to all industries and sectors, but also the candidate’s ability to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. These candidates will often have a clear vision of their future and an ambition to succeed. In addition, a global mindset provides a different perspective to working principles and can signal creativity and innovation, both of which can improve engagement and problem solving across the business.

Increased Diversity

A rich workplace culture benefits all staff. Increased levels of diversity within teams has been proven to increase staff morale and boost performance. In addition, a diverse workforce helps build a positive reputation, improving your brand image and demonstrating richer customer service and an encouraging and supportive working environment, which will attract top talent when recruiting for your next role.

Candidates with international experience have clearly demonstrated their dedication to their work, and many recruiters and HR professionals’ rate international experience highly, recognising the benefits these candidates can provide. International experience can make your company more diverse, productive and profitable, and forward-thinking employers will ensure that their staff have a range of experiences to bring new ideas and fresh thinking into their business.

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