The importance of employee engagement

Ensuring that your staff are engaged when they come to work might seem less important than focusing on the bottom line, but employee engagement has a drastic effect on all companies in all industries and can influence everything from productivity to profits.

Reduced staff turnover

A happy workforce is a workforce with a low turnover. A high staff turnover can have huge financial implications due to increased recruitment costs. The current competition between companies to snag the top talent is high, we are recruiting in employees’ market. Ensuring that your staff are happy and engaged will the reduce the risk of having to constantly re-recruit for the same roles.

Improved Productivity

Efficiency is improved with happy staff who are more likely to work hard when they are engaged in their work. A recent report found that highly engaged teams are 21% more productive than those with lower engagement. A productive company is a profitable one.

Retain Customers

Your employees are your company representatives. They are at the front line of your brand and can be your biggest advocates or your most significant threat. Engaged employees will create more memorable interactions with your clients and will constantly look for ways to improve customer experience.

Happier staff

A recent report for Sodexo found that 82% of engaged employees do more than is expected of them at work. They will motivate their peers and contribute to workplace morale. Lower engagement also contributes to higher absences; by nurturing a positive atmosphere at work, absenteeism is reduced thanks to better health and improved motivation.

How to improve engagement in your workforce

Provide staff with purpose – Employees who understand the meaning of their work and feel that they are contributing to the success of the company are more likely to feel engaged.

Positive work environment – Creating a positive work environment that nurtures the wellbeing of staff ensures that workers are comfortable and happy in work. A great management team will know how to encourage staff to achieve their goals and strive for growth.

Measure engagement - Prove to staff that you are genuinely concerned with their level of engagement and wellbeing by listening to and acting on their feedback.

Employee engagement can have a direct impact on the profitability and performance of your company. Ensure that your staff are engaged and happy in their work and your company will enjoy significant benefits.

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