The importance of information security, governance and auditing within the screening industry

Protecting the security of information against potential threats from unauthorised use or intrusions is crucial within all sectors and industries in order to prevent identity theft, fraud and to ensure compliance.

Many companies employ an Information Security Policy to ensure that strict guidelines are upheld, and that standards remain high across the organisation. The advance from analogue to digital systems has made many processes more efficient, but has also presented a landscape which, when not properly protected, can be open to misuse.

Background screening involves the handling, processing and storage of sensitive information, and it must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Personally Identifiable Information could be used to commit fraud or identity theft, which is why this information is protected by GDPR and the Data Protection Act. Having stringent information security measures in place can ensure that your data remains confidential and is only accessed by those who are authorised to do so.

In addition, information security helps maintain the integrity of data, ensuring that it is not exposed to accidental or deliberate alterations which could render the data inaccurate. The data must also be available as and when it is required, having an Information Security Policy which includes a disaster recovery plan can maintain availability of critical data.

Reputable screening companies will have a security policy, information security procedures and training, access control policies and risk mitigation strategies in place.

Security Watchdog operate under the BS7858 security standard, which is the British Standard code of practice for security screening. Clients are also able to specify any security needs which fall above this standard.

We are proud to be one of the best in business when it comes to information security, governance and auditing. Security Watchdog operates under a strict programme of continual auditing to ensure that all the files we process are compliant, and we have a dedicated compliance team at each office location. All members of our screening staff are subject to ongoing examination to ensure that our clients risk matrix has been correctly adhered to and candidate results are audited and checked continually. In addition, compliance training is ongoing among staff to ensure that they adhere to our strict standards.

Conducting proper due diligence to ensure that your screening provider can offer you and your candidates a fully secure and tailored screening experience will help establish a relationship based on compliance and effectiveness.

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