The importance of nurturing talent in your business

Talent management has become something of a buzzword in recruitment of late, but supporting and utilising talent in order to benefit your organisation has always made good business sense.

Nurturing talent can have a positive impact on company culture, growth and commercial success through creating an engaged and committed workforce. The results of low engagement, such as increased staff turnover, low productivity and poor performance can all be massively costly.

Studies show that one of the greatest tools to increase engagement is a comprehensive onboarding process. But providing a great candidate experience throughout, one which helps new employees feel supported and nurtured from the moment they receive the offer of employment, can be costly and time consuming.

High levels of employee engagement are also dependent on great leaders. Constructive and supportive leaders who practice superior communication have a positive effect on staff, rather than causing employees to lose motivation and feel uninspired. Good employers recognise employees’ strengths and find ways of utilising workers full potential, which in turn leads to better engagement. In addition, ensuring that employees are playing to their strengths helps companies make more efficient use of one of their greatest assets, their workforce.

By inspiring employees and encouraging their growth, companies can future proof their business and create their leaders of the future. Developing and supporting talent from the moment of hire offers massive returns on both time and financial investments.

Security Watchdog now provide revolutionary new software which seamlessly integrates background checks into the onboarding process, providing a fast and convenient experience for candidates. With studies showing that most new employees take at least six months to decide whether they want to remain in their new role, first impressions are key. Capita Onboard can help ensure that new hires receive the best possible first impression of your company, while offering an interesting and accessible experience.

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