Trusting your screening supplier to make the right decisions for your business

Your company is valuable, and whether you are a huge multinational corporation or a small start-up, finding the right employee can mean the difference between future success and failure. Carrying out comprehensive background checks can ensure that your employees will be a positive, not destructive, addition to your team.

But why should you trust a screening provider rather than task your HR department with your background screening?


Reputable screening providers are highly experienced. Most people would agree that a skilled and experienced tradesman will do a better, more efficient job than a novice DIYer, and screening providers offer the high-quality service and dedication to their field in exactly the same way. We are up to date with the latest privacy and screening legislations, and guarantee compliance in employment laws and requirements, such as right to work checks, DBS checking, industry specific screening and global criminal background screening.

Screening providers are also proficient in and have access to the latest screening tools, ensuring that your pre-employment screening is fast, resourceful and accurate.


A recent report by CV Library found that up to 92% of British workers have lied on their CV. This figure represents small white lies as well as huge fabrications which could have the potential to ruin an otherwise reputable company. With education and work experience being some of the most common lies told by candidates, the safety of both your customers and staff could be at stake. Are you confident that your HR department would be able to weed out dishonest candidates? A screening company ensures that your employees have the education and experience they claim to have and can also help prevent employee fraud and criminal infiltration.

Speed and efficiency

Employment screening in the digital world is moving at a fast pace, with new approaches and techniques reflecting the increasing availability and abundance of data. Carrying out background checks online gives employers an efficient and accurate way to screen candidates, while being both impartial and convenient for the candidates themselves. Screening providers have access to the latest screening systems which will reassure your candidates that your company not only has its finger on the pulse of current technology but also that you respect their time and their data.

Your screening supplier knows that your business is precious and must be protected against bad hires, it is their job to shield you from unsuitable candidates.  You wouldn’t trust a novice with your most treasured possession, so make sure that you enlist a reputable screening provider to make the right decisions for your business.

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