What Generation Z expect from employers

The oldest millennials (anyone born between 1981 and 1996) are soon to turn 40 and are moving into more senior and management roles. During their reign as “the new generation”, the job market has experienced sweeping changes designed to adapt to the needs of millennials. Known as the first generation to grow up in the digital age, millennials experienced changes to the workforce faster than any generation before them. Flexible working, the gig economy and remote working are just some of the working practices that would have been virtually unheard of for previous generations.

But just as these practices have become commonplace, change is afoot yet again. It’s time to move over millennials, there’s a new generation snapping at your heels.

Generation Z, or those born any time after 1997, are quickly coming of age and will begin to take the reins; by 2020 they will make up approximately 20% of the workforce. But what are their expectations and needs, and how can employers snag the top talent of this flourishing generation?

A recent study from job board Indeed has stated that Gen Z-ers are highly focused on job stability, having grown up through one of the toughest periods of recession the world has ever seen. They are less likely to job-hop like their older counterparts, and according to the study will look to future-proof their employment by concentrating on industries such as healthcare and technology.

In terms of selecting employers, Gen Z rate company diversity as one of the deciding factors. These candidates will also do their research, with 70% stating that they would check out potential employers on review sites such as Glassdoor.

Candidate experience is key for Gen Z. Due to their affinity with technology, employers must ensure that recruitment practices are fully digitised, with a focus on user experience. Slow loading websites or badly managed online applications will be a major turn off for top talent. The gamification of recruitment, through AI and mobile phone apps, will become the norm.

With the youngest generation graduating university and beginning to make their way in the world, employers must look at ways to adapt their recruiting and employment practices to attract the candidates they need to fulfil their staff requirements. Using a specialist pre-employment screening company will help ensure that the recruitment process is streamlined, effective and efficient.

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