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Our Social and Media checks are designed to give you a deeper look at your candidates, so you can confidently make your best hires yet. 

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What are Social and Media Checks? 

Social and Media checks utilise powerful screening and online behaviour evaluation tools to fairly and objectively assess a candidate’s digital presence, offering a comprehensive ability to further mitigate potential hiring risks. They can be requested from within the eBulkPlus system alongside your existing DBS / RTW applications, as well as available as a stand-alone check.* 

*Employment decisions should not be based solely on the result of the checks but considered in conjunction with others, such as employment references, criminality checks and credit checks 
Why are they important? 

We know first-hand just how important it is to feel confident at the point of hire, that you're on-boarding individuals who represent your core organisational values and culture.  

It can be difficult to truly asses that with just traditional screening checks alone, but Social and Media checks offer a fast, accurate and thorough way to analyse the integrity of a candidate, against your company culture, the needs of the role, and more.

What are the benefits? 

The results of a candidate's Social and Media checks can determine whether you make a great hire or make a damaging one. A bad hire can cost you time and money, while endangering your reputation.

Our Social Media checks can help... 

  • Ensure the safety of your staff, customers, and clients 
  • Save on hiring costs by minimising the chances of a damaging hire 
  • Protect your reputation and uphold your organisational values 
  • A fully integrated, media check report returned to you automatically 

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