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eBulkPlus is Security Watchdog’s proprietary world-class screening technology, delivering DBS and Disclosure Scotland checks at pace, including the electronic delivery of results.

It offers a number of advantages:

  • It significantly improves the turnaround time in performing background screening, allowing customers to submit online disclosure applications.
  • It radically reduces the complexity and cost of background checks for employees.
  • It reduces the risk of not properly undertaking criminal record checks.
  • It is an intuitive tool designed around the user, delivering the best possible experience to your team and your candidates.
  • It is entirely secure, and is fully approved and accredited by the DBS and MoJ (Ministry of Justice).
  • It is flexible in suiting each business’s needs, allowing unlimited numbers of client divisions and user accounts, as well as an API option that integrates eBulkPlus with third party systems for an even more seamless customer journey.
  • It offers a robust reporting facility, allowing customers to extract a vast array of application data and MI.

Security Watchdog is one of the UK’s largest DBS Umbrella Bodies, handling in excess of 850,000 checks per year. Its tried and trusted eBulkPlus is used on behalf of a range of clients, including:

  • Government departments like the Home Office and regulators like Ofsted choose to invest in eBulkPlus to undertake mandatory pre-employment checks for civil servants and temporary staff working within the government.
  • Schools and Early Years providers who have a statutory duty to perform pre-employment screening of staff, including verifying the identity of applicants, their right to work and criminal record.
  • Retailers who need bulk screening for seasonal or scale-up hires to verify individuals’ financial, criminal, and social media history.
  • NHS trusts who need to ensure those with access to patients and their data, controlled substances and intellectual property have been rigorously vetted.

How secure is eBulkPlus?

As well as being fully approved and accredited by the DBS and MoJ (Ministry of Justice), Security Watchdog is also the first Registered Body (RB) to become an approved e-broker. This allows other Registered Bodies to host our eBulkPlus solution whilst retaining their RB status with the DBS.

Key benefits of Security Watchdog’s eBulkPlus

  • Data validation reduces errors to 0.01%
  • An intuitive and user-friendly platform which is optimised to work on any device
  • A web-based platform which negates the need to download software
  • Dramatically reduced processing times
  • Option to be up and running within 24 hours
  • Both umbrella and hosted solutions available
  • Applications can be tracked from the moment of submission through to completion

Which systems does eBulkPlus integrate with?

  • Standard/Enhanced level disclosures
  • DBS for basic level disclosures
  • Disclosure Scotland for basic level disclosures
  • TrustID for carrying out digital identity & Right to Work checks
  • Opayo for managing online payments for disclosure applications
  • Via API for third party systems wishing to integrate with eBulkPlus

Average Turnaround time in days 2022


DS Basic Check


DBS Basic Check


DBS Standard Check

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