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Our Technology

It’s really important that the efforts of the people who set our business apart, are supported by the very latest in technological solutions. Over the years, we’ve spent time and effort in identifying those parts of the background checking process that lend themselves well to automation.

We’re always adding to our list of technological solutions, as well as refining those we have already developed.

Having researched and tested off-the-shelf screening products, we concluded that none met our high standard. This led us to create our own bespoke market-leading screening products that use the latest container technologies to give infinite scalability.

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Background check API integrations

A background check API integration which offers access to synced data. It is public which means that anyone can use it and clients, both present and future, can integrate their system with us at a time of their choosing.

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Automated onboarding software which makes light work of the pre-employment screening process for managers, employees and new recruits.

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Security Watchdog’s proprietary screening technology which delivers DBS and Disclosure Scotland checks at pace.

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Information Security

Security has been at the heart of everything we do over our 25-year history.

Examples of our commitment to security are:

  • Secure design principles including infosec reviews embedded within agile development process
  • Automated Trivy security scans embedded within the software development lifecycle
  • Manual infosec testing where relevant within agile development process
  • Weekly vulnerability assessments carried out on all products, with output fed back into agile development process
  • Daily SSL scans of all SSL certificates to ensure A+ SSL Labs rating is maintained
  • Annual penetration testing, or upon significant architectural change
  • Industry leading web application firewall, provided by Imperva, protecting all web services
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