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Background check API integration

An API integration connects two or more applications, with the purpose of automatic exchange of data.  There are many benefits to API when it comes to undertaking background checks for employment:

  • It keeps data synced to ensure you have the latest information to hand at all times.
  • It saves time and enhances productivity by removing human intervention.
  • It increases revenue by reducing time spent and resources wasted on unsuitable hires.
  • It provides the information needed to make an informed decision about hiring an individual before investing too much time in onboarding someone unsuitable.
  • It speeds up the recruitment process, ensuring your business is able to fill vacant posts at pace and maintain its competitive edge.
  • It removes human touch points and therefore human error, improving your information security offering as a result.

Security Watchdog has two types of integrations:

  • External API integrations which are used by our clients to connect the systems they use.
  • Internal API integrations connecting Security Watchdog systems to the key systems and data providers we use to provide our service. 

External APIs 

We offer three External API options:

1) EBulkPlus APIs 

Security Watchdog’s eBulkPlus application has public APIs that allow clients to request criminality screening and retrieve case updates. Our eBulkPlus API uses SOAP/Rest technology and allows our clients to submit and check and basic/standard & enhanced DBS check, allowing for full integration into client systems.

We initiate bulk and single candidate check requests. All retrieval of results is single. 

API documentation is available upon request.

2) Integration with Workday  

Security Watchdog offers an integration between its pre-employment screening platform VOLTi4 and the Workday Enterprise Management Cloud. This allows for a connection to a client’s Workday ‘instance’. Not only does the integration retrieve details of candidates that need to be screened, it also provides an up-to-date case status, as well as individual check updates. 

This allows us to screen candidates to perform background checks on candidates as part of a customer’s hiring processes or continuous vetting. Our out of the box integration is very light touch for our customers, and requires only minimal configuration. We can provide statuses for both the screening and the elements of the screening process.

3) Other background screening software solutions *Coming soon*

Development work is nearly finished to create Public APIs for VOLTi4.  

This is intended to provide all the capabilities of our Client Portal plus a few additional service improvements.

Find out more details here 

Expected delivery date: Q3 2023

Internal APIs 

Security Watchdog integrates to multiple systems and data providers to offer screening services to its clients. 

They include:

  • eBulkPlus to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - An integration connecting our eBulkPlus system to the UK Government Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which facilitates criminality screening for England and Wales.
  • eBulkPlus to Disclosure Scotland (DS) - An integration connecting our eBulkPlus system to the UK Government Disclosure Scotland (DBS) which facilitates criminality screening for Scotland.
  • eBulkPlus to Trust ID - An integration connecting our eBulkPlus system to Trust ID which facilitates digital identity checks for criminality vetting as well as ‘right to work’.
  • VOLTi4 to eBulkPlus - An integration connecting our VOLTi4 application to our eBulkPlus application which facilitates criminality checks for our pre-employment screening clients.
  • VOLTi4 to Microsoft Power BI - An integration connecting our VOLTi4 to Microsoft Power BI which is used to provide reporting within our client portal. 

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