Criminal Record Checks

We offer criminal record checks through the DBS, Disclosure Scotland, Access NI and International checks.

We perform over 1 million DBS, Disclosure Scotland and International criminal record checks every year for over 30,000 clients using our eBulkPlus online system. These checks range from the basic disclosure check through to the enhanced DBS check according to the position being recruited for. In addition we conduct over 450,000 pre-employment checks on potential employees.



30,000 clients can't be wrong

We perform over 1 million checks per year for 30,000 clients and unlike our competitors, we don't charge a set up fee for our services. 



Enhanced DBS

An Enhanced DBS check will show all cautions, warning and reprimands as well as spent and unspent convictions. It may also list relevant information supplied by local police. It is only available to people in certain roles and must be requested by their employer.

Standard DBS

A Standard DBS check is only available to individuals in certain roles and must be requested by their employer. It shows both spent and unspent convictions listed on an individual’s criminal record.

Basic DBS

The Basic DBS check is available to anyone in England or Wales. The check will only show convictions that are  unspent. The check is available online either to individuals or to employers.



Other Criminal Records Checks we perform


Our Criminality Department has a dedicated team of specialists conducting criminal records checks overseas. The cost of these is dependent on which country the check has to be carried out in and can vary in the timescale required to receive the result.

Access NI

An individual cannot apply for a AccessNI check. An application for a standard check must be counter-signed by an AccessNI-registered organisation. You can only apply online if the organisation that asked you to get a check provided you with a PIN.

Hosted DBS

Security Watchdog has been an Umbrella Body since 2002 and are highly experienced in supplying hosted DBS solutions to clients who want to manage their own candidate applications. We simply supply the software and you do the rest.


Security Watchdog provides an efficient and friendly service, which really helps us with our Safeguarding programme. The eBulkPlus system is easy for the candidate and applicant manager to use, while providing visibility of the progress of DBS checks through the dashboard or the reporting function. This is a really useful tool which enables our sites to keep track of their colleague’s DBS application, so they can monitor when they will be able to join our business.