Welcome to your Dixons Candidate Experience

At Security Watchdog we are committed to both our clients and their candidates. We endeavour to make the process of employment screening simple and brief, being as least intrusive into the life of a candidate as possible.

Please be advised that the level of information requested will depend upon what Dixons requires for the role you are being offered. If you supply all the information required quickly and accurately it will assist with the screening process.

If you need any help with the screening process please refer to the video/links below.


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Team Line: 01420 593 842

A guide to your screening process

Acceptable Documentation

Throughout the screening process it is likely that certain documentation will be requested from you in order to support/enable the checks that have been requested by your employer. Depending on your prospective position, you may need to provide Security Watchdog with documentation such as Proof of Identity, Proof of Right to Work, Proof of Address.

The below outlines acceptable documentation:


  • Mortgage Statement**

  • Bank/Building Society Statement*

  • Bank/Building Society Account Opening Confirmation Letter (UK)

  • Bank Statement stamped by Issuing Branch*

  • Credit Card Statement*

  • Financial Statement e.g. pension, endowment, ISA (UK) **

  • P45/P60 Statement (UK / Channel Islands) **

  • Council Tax Statement (UK / Channel Islands) **

  • Utility Bill (UK) including electronic- Not Mobile Phone *

  • Benefit Statement (UK) e.g. Child Allowance, Pension *

  • Document from Central/ Local Government/ Government Agency/ Local Authority (UK / Channel Islands) *e.g. DWP, Employment Service, HMRC, Job Centre, Social Security

  • Mail Order Catalogue Statement*

  • Rental Agreement – On company letterhead**

  • TV Licence**

  • Letter from Head Teacher or College Principal (16-19 year olds in full time education in the UK)*

Please note if a document in the List of Valid Identity Documents is:

  • Denoted with * - issued in the last 3 months

  • Denoted with ** - issued in the last 12 months


Acceptable proof of Identity

UK Nationals

  • A UK passport

  • Birth certificate - With proof of National Insurance Number

  • Driving Licence

EEA Nationals

  • A passport

  • A National identity card

  • Driving Licence

Non EEA Nationals

  • A passport

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