Judged on and off the pitch - Social media in the spotlight

As the Six Nations Championship continues to storm across pitches and television screens, England supporters were treated to a solid display of their teams defensive skills over the weekend.  The defeat of the Welsh by England on Saturday has sparked several lively discussions on social media, with pundits and fans debating actions on and off the pitch.

Interestingly, in the present climate, these athletes are being trained in defence not just on the pitch, but also on their social media accounts, as the players of tomorrow – the England Under-20 Squad, found out in a recent lesson at Bisham Abbey.

These players are reminded that everything that they post on Facebook or Twitter could be viewed by friends, fans or foes, and that they must always be conscious of how they are perceived by the public if they wish to truly succeed in their sport.  These young men are taught to be inspirational, positive and to promote their sport.

Remember, the reality of life is that sometimes you are judged, not just on your abilities or skills, but also on your public persona and how others may see you.  With this in mind, is it time to review your social media practices and think about whether future employers see your winning potential or your post-match excuses?

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