Animal Rights Activism Checks

The Check

Security Watchdog’s Animal Rights Activism Check is specifically designed to deep-dive into an individual’s online profile and to uncover connections to animal welfare activist groups, lobbying organisations, or to simply identify relevant blogs, vlogs and comments shared online.

The check utilises publicly available information and complies with all UK legislation including general Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR), Maritime Security and Anti-Terrorism Acts.


What do we look for?

  • Online posts and comments to friends, family and other connections

  • Creators and contributors to blogs, vlogs and other general websites

  • Published letters to editors

  • Campaigning towards elected representatives

  • Participation in online petitions

  • Evidence of public attendance at rallies, events or demonstrations

  • Known membership of animal welfare organisations

  • Online donations to animal protectionist causes

  • Volunteering or employment in animal shelters

  • Following activist groups on social media and professional networks

What’s included in the check?

We categorise an individual’s online behaviours by assessing their level of advocate activity - some showing softer, more passive support of animal welfare causes and others demonstrating more vocal and intensive behaviours.

  • Industry specific checks

  • Fast turnaround - Less than 5 working days

  • Unlimited years of online history

  • Over 200 social and professional networking sites and 3 million web pages

  • Editorials / Media / Press

  • Identification and checks on aliases and pseudonyms

  • Undesirable blogging & vlogging

  • Checks on both mobile and desktop applications

  • Links to lobby or activist groups

  • General risk assessment

  • Enhanced networks risk assessment

  • Potentially illegal activities (Trespass, Human Rights, Harassment, Public Order offences) and weapons

  • Attendance at rallies, events and demonstrations